Pátio do Tejo: the place where you can ride a horse on the banks of the river, a unique experience

    At the solidarity Christmas market organized by the space, you can take carriage rides with Santa Claus and equestrian baptisms.

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    MOITA - Harmonious horseback ride along the river beach of Gaio do RosárioBlack Friday at Pátio do Tejo

    Pátio do Tejo, has just launched an exclusive offer for Black Friday, where when you buy a voucher for a relaxing and harmonious horseback ride along the river beach of Gaio do Rosário, you are offered another one, for just €60*.

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    At this Christmas market, Santa Claus swaps his sleigh for a buggy and there are snacks by the fireplace

    For those who love horses or just eat Portuguese snacks, from the first market in Pátio do Tejo take experiences and gifts, as well as a full heart when participating in the solidarity initiative.

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